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25 Mile baseline  GPS

GPS Robotic Total Station Services...

Key Benefits

  • long range 25 mile
  • precision 1 cm +1ppm over the 25 miles
  • tied into first order control network,  Geodetic Survey of Canada


Municipalities are moving rapidly into a GIS database system and the long range L1/L2 GPS technology offered by the Thales Zxtreme provides an excellent solution to this survey problem.  Tests that we have performed on teh second order control network leave much to be desired with errors much higher than those currently publushed.  The solution is a single precisely postioned base station with rovers utilizing the precise correction signal transmitted by the base station.  Once the remote rover mounted inside the vehicle has positioned itself on this network on route to the jobsite it becomes the base allowing for 1 to 2 second lock times for the RTCM rover which is why we have three Zxtreme Receivers.  These are not the $200 GPS receivers you see offered everywhere but are some $20,000 each.

Capability 1
No NAD83 shifting due to control monuments errors
Capability 2
Not dependent on a cell phone transfer as it is FM radio based
Capability 3
Utilizing both GPS and long range Robotic Total station Technologies
more reliable results are obtained.

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