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Key Benefits

  • purchase your property with an up to date survey
  • Title Insurance is not a survey
  • No surprises or law suits when you try and make use of your property
  • purchaser, the costs to you are free,  see how to protect yourself

Practice land ownership self defense

As Ontario Land Surveyors we will give you an opinion in both plan and letter form which will give you the knowledge you need before you buy your home.  Don't be left in the dark by promises that Title Insurance replaces a survey.  Beware of anyone making such a claim,  it is simply not true.  Our American clients know the truth about Title Insurance and insist on an up to date survey when they purchase property here in Ontario.  We strongly recommend that you have the vendor provide a current survey by an Ontario Land Surveyor as part of the purchase contract.  We see the heartaches that our clients entered into when they made a purchase with a current survey.  Legal fees for litigation after the fact can run at $500/hr,  don't fall into this trap when the means to protect yourself are free.  Most of the new homes build in Ontario the last 10 years have not been surveyed by an Ontario Land Surveyor.  Many building departments do not check By-law Conformity as they do not require a survey.  Only LaSalle has such a requirement.  Lakeshore sometimes asks for a nail certificate but this is still not a survey that you can rely upon.  Don't be fooled,  insist on a current survey.  It is still buyer beware,  protect your investment.   

Capability 1
Ontario Land Surveyors only ones qualified to set boundaries
Capability 2
No houses or pools sitting on 5 kv buried cables,  easements are identified
Capability 3
Resale value of the home is increased as you can sell with confidence since your fences,  decks,  pools sheds are where they should be.

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