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25 Mile baseline  GPS



new 25 mile baseline systems and Robotic Total Stations

June 17, 2005  Windsor, Ontario-- to better serve our clients with NAD83 requirements we are just completing the installtion of as long range (25 mile baseline) L1/L2 GPS system utilizing three Thales Zxtreme Receivers.  The base station is located at our head offices 8 minutes from the Windsor City limits,  a location that was chosen 10 years ago with this goal in mind on.  Located on  a 50 acre estate we have build a 3000 sq. ft. office building,  15,000 sq. ft. R & D lab as well as a new home.  The new system will be tied into the first order Geodetic Survey of Canada system and will be verified by both the Canadian and US OPUS systems.  Positioning to within a cm + 5ppm on north, east and elevation is expected and testing will be completed shortly. 

Combining this technology with our three Robotic Total Stations, a Topcon 825AR with RCII,  Topcon 802R with long range radio modems,  an APL1A high speed 50°per second at 2500' range for the really nasty sites. The potential for blunders is reduced to considerably from stand alone GPS or Total Station.  Until the new GPS/IMU system is up and running in the near future this is the best solution that money can buy.

The investment has been considerable,  a total of almost $200,000 in value to put this system in place.

For shorter baselines in more urban area's we will be using a GPS/GLONASS  Thales GG-24 receiver combined with the robotic total stations to carry out the work.



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