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GPS Achilles heel,  inability to perform reliably in urban environments solution in sight

June 17, 2005  Windsor Ontario -- GPS has promised to replace all methods of surveying but has had a history of failure do to multipathing in build up areas as well as lack of sufficient satellite coverage. GPS combined with missile grade inertial technologies driven by the most advanced DSP system yet will solve this most vexing problems.  Errors in 20 cm increments known as cycle slipping can occur as well as other uncertainties have kept the real potential for precision satellite surveying out of the reach of the surveyor till now.  After almost 10 years of research and development the long sought goal of solving this problem has entered the testing stage.  The IMU tests have surpassed by 100% anything seen to date.  Thanks go out to the Federal Gov't SR&ED program, Paul Lewis and Al Gordon for their help and encouragement.     

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